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Added 02/04/13- Cable Fault Location - Find it and fix it.

We can now off LV/HV cable fault location services. Our engineer is able to accurately pinpoint cable fault(s) above and below ground level using a variety of techniques; minimising down time and civil works.

We can then carry out the necessary cable repair works, test, and make ready for switch on.

"Yes, everything went well. Powered up the cable after you left on Friday, left it offload 'till next day. Backfilled  first thing on Saturday and put on load shortly after 9am. 

Thanks to all of you for a job well done. Regards, Max."


Added 19/01/09 - 26 Turbines Spinning at Little Cheyne........

We have now completed the 33kV Cable Jointing works associated with the twenty-six turbines down at Little Cheyne wind farm in Kent.

This wind farm is the most powerful onshore wind farm in the South of England, and has the capacity generate enough green electricity to meet the average demands of around 33,000 homes.

Working closely with our client we were able to coordinate our visits to allow the works program to be met, and often exceed the expectations of the main contractor.

There will be one additional visit required to complete our element of works associated with the Statcom unit which we hope to carry out in the next few weeks.


Added 30/08/08 - Millennium Wind Farm Extension........

We have been awarded the H.V. Cable Jointing and Terminating Sub-Contract for the extension works at Millennium Wind Farm near Invermoriston.

Currently there are sixteen turbines operating.  The extension consists of four additional wind turbines each having a three bladed rotor of 90m in diameter supported on a tapered cylindrical tower to give a height of 70m to the rotor hub and maximum 115 m to the blade tip.

Our duties include the high voltage terminating works using 24kV Elastimold Separable T connectors, and cable jointing using the 3M Coldshrink range. These new turbines will use the existing site infrastructure to supply the grid via a local substation.

Added 30/06/08 - Little Cheyne Court Wind Farm........

We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the H.V. Cable Jointing and Terminating Sub-Contract for the Little Cheyne Court Wind Farm. The wind farm will be located at Romney Marsh, Kent, in the South East of England. James Dobbin said "this illustrates how fast our reputation is developing in this field, and in terms of distance, how far our clients are willing to take us to have our experience and quality of workmanship incorporated in their projects".

The project consists of the H.V. Jointing and Terminating works associated with 26 Turbines and the associated 33kV Sub-station using separable -T and Pfisterer type terminations.

Together the turbines will produce enough pollution-free electricity every year to meet the equivalent domestic needs of some 75% of the homes in the Shepway District Council area. In addition, the project will prevent the annual release of around 130,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas contributing to global warming. The wind farm will be the most powerful wind farm in the South of England to date.

Added 15/01/08 - Kilbraur Wind Farm........

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the H.V. Cable Jointing and Terminating Sub-Contract for the Kilbraur Wind Farm. The wind farm will be located in the Kilbraur area of Strath Brora, Sutherland, approximately 10 km northwest of Golspie.

The project consists of all H.V. Jointing and Terminating of 19 Turbines and the associated 33kV Sub-station, using separable -T and Pfisterer type terminations.

 The project is modelled on the Earlsburn wind farm, which is a project that we actually undertook last year.

The project is expected to generate enough power to supply a massive 27,000 homes.

Added 05/12/07 - Authorised Person.....

As part of our strategy to provide a one stop H.V. cable repair/alteration service, we are delighted to be able to offer a certified "Authorised Person". Our engineer has been trained and externally assessed in current legislation and can evaluate a clients private H.V. network, provide and implement switching programs/isolations, and issue Permits to Work to allow works to proceed safely.

Added 04/12/07 - Dalswinton here we come.....

We are happy to announce that we have been successful with our bid to carry out the H.V. Jointing and Termination works at the Dalswinton Wind Farm near Lockerbie. The project includes the H.V. cable termination works associated with fifteen 2.0MW turbines and the 33kV sub-station; using Euromold and Pfisterer type Terminations.

This scheme should be fully operational sometime early in 2008 and has the "Equivalent cars off the road" of a massive 14000/year.

Added 31/10/07 - Any Minsca now.....

We are pleased to announce that we have recently been sub-contracted to  commence works on the Minsca Wind Farm at Waterbeck near Lockerbie in the Dumfries and Galloway area.

The project is due to start and involves all HV cable termination works associated with the 33kV sub-station, infrastructure, and seventeen 2.3MVA turbines.

The scheme mitigates around 100,000 tonnes of CO2 each year and will generate enough green energy to supply nearly 21,000 homes.

Added 24/08/07 - Skye's not our limit.....

C&J Dobbin are happy to announce that we have been appointed to undertake the High Voltage Termination and Cable Jointing works at the new Ben Aketil Wind farm on the Isle of Skye for Southern Electric Contracting.

The project involves the cable termination works associated with the 33kV sub-station, and ten 2.5MVA turbines.

This is another opportunity for us to demonstrate our experience, and the quality of our workmanship and service that we provide.

Added - 25/06/07 - Oil Sampling

In order to compliment our existing high voltage services, we now have the facilities and equipment to carry out Insulating Oil Sampling and Analysis. 

We can now identify the PCB content, electric strength, and analyse the dissolved gases present within insulating oil in order to determine the condition of the insulating oil, and general internal condition of  transformers.

We hope that this is a service that our clients will find very useful and will be used regularly as part of P.P.M. programs. This service will assist in monitoring any degradation of critical distribution equipment.